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    • I have decided to create this Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass to share a method for bypassing Genshin Impact's Kernel Driver Anticheat. By using this method, you will be able to use Cheat Engine, inject any Dll, and read/write memory both internally and externally. The Genshin Impact Bypass works as follows: Once the Genshin Impact Anticheat Driver starts, you immediately freeze or suspend the Genshin Impact process. This somehow prevents the Anticheat from protecting the Genshin Impact process. As a result the Anticheat driver crashes, allowing you to resume the Genshin Impact process without any Anticheat. Interestingly Genshin Impact has no heartbeat check, which means it does not verify if the Anticheat is running. Because of that, you can freely use the unprotected Genshin Impact process without the Kernel Driver Anticheat and perform and do whatever you want with it. DW Link: https://cheater.ninja/genshin-impact-anticheat-bypass-22099
    • There are many reasons why you may need to flush your DNS in Windows 10, the most common one being that websites aren’t resolving correctly and it may be an issue with your DNS cache holding an incorrect address.  To flush the DNS cache in Windows 10 please follow these steps: Right Click on the Start Icon Click on Command Prompt The Windows Command Prompt Window will appear.  Type in: ipconfig /flushdns  and press ENTER You should receive the following message: Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache
    • Here's an example on how you can add your application: Screenshot must be uploaded first App/Cheat Name - Osiris v2 Multihack Supported Game(s) - Counter Strike 2 Supported Platform - Windows App Type - Internal How You Launch Your App - Launch after the game is running Game Client - Steam App Modules/Additional Files? - Yes Supported Windows versions - Windows 10 and 11 Injection Methods - Manual Map App Author/Developer - Daniel Krupinski Application Technical Support Link - https://discord.gg/cninja Application Download Link - Release cs2-release · danielkrupinski/Osiris (github.com)
    • Important Notice Before You Begin: Please carefully read and adhere to the following guidelines before answering any questions: DLL Protection: Avoid using DLL protection methods (e.g., Enigma, VMProtect) in your apps. These can impact the statistics related to VAC bans or bans from other anti-cheat systems. Ease of Use: Our application's primary objective is to streamline the launch process. Users should be able to start playing with your app by pressing a single button, rather than having to open multiple applications. We will only consider a separate launcher for your app if it is a standalone application that requires no user authorization and performs its functions autonomously. Main Criteria for Apps: No Internet Connection: Your app should not connect to the Internet or execute/run any third-party files on the user's device. The use of additional files like images, fonts, and other resources is permissible. Game Version Compatibility: Your app must support the latest version of the game, except in cases where the game is a pirated version. Stability: Ensure no game crashes are caused by non-functional features. NinjaUI includes a subsystem for collecting custom crash reports for apps, enabling you to gather data on game crashes for rectification. Security: Your app should not contain viruses or other harmful software. Free Usage: Your app must be free. You may promote a full paid version of your app within the menu of the free version. Originality: Ensure that your app is not a mere rebranding of an existing app. Application Questionnaire: Please answer the questions posed in the questionnaire precisely. If any answer does not directly address the question asked, the entire application will be rejected. Remember, your app will potentially be used by hundreds of thousands of users from various countries, with different devices and operating systems. We ask you to be as thorough and responsible as possible when completing this application. When submitting your app, please adhere to the format outlined below: App/Cheat Name - Name of your application Supported Game(s) - What game name is the app used for Supported Platform - Allowed: Windows/Android [Emulated]. App Type - Internal / External / Internal with own loader/launcher Application Screenshot(s) - Please ensure that all images related to your submission are uploaded to either Imgur (imgur.com) or provided via a Discord link. How You Launch Your App - Launch after the game is running / Launch before the game is running / Either (Both work) Game Client - Steam / Epic Games / MS Store / Pirated Version / Others (Must Specify) App Modules/Additional Files? - Does the app include a module compatible with Steam, or any similar feature? eg. steam.dll. (Yes/None) Supported Windows versions - Windows 10 / Windows 11 Injection Methods - Load Library / Manual Map / Kernel Map / Executable Only App Author/Developer - Ex. ZeroByteZ Application Technical Support Link - Eg. https://discord.gg/cninja Application Download Link - Provide the specific URL or download source for your app. Technical Support: For any inquiries regarding the application, please contact our technical support at: – NinjaUI Discord Support
    • We're excited to share that we've successfully upgraded our hosting, providing better speed and increased storage capacity for NinjaUI! The transfer to our new hosting is currently underway, so you may encounter some errors during this process. However, rest assured that in a few hours, everything should be back and running even better than before.   We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to enhance your NinjaUI experience. Thank you for your continued support! 
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